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A Smooth agency with skilled

and curious digital specialists

Our purpose is to simplify your life through beautiful technologies

Understanding is key

We're a fresh breath of honesty in an industry filled with lots of hot air. Before starting the development process, we carefully analyze your business, goals and technology to ensure that we're the right fit for your needs. If not, we'll connect you with the right people in our network.

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UX/UI Research & Design

Going through thoughtful processes of product design helps you save time, money, and bring your product to the market faster. Our team will support you throughout the entire product development lifecycle.
Customer Analysis
Competitor Analysis
Product Strategy
Content Development
Testing & iterations
Development Planning
UI Design
Web & Mobile UI
Branding & Graphic design
Storyline / User guides
Interactivity and Animation
Coordination with Developer(s)
Adaptation to Screen Devices
Tracking Goals & Integration
Analysis and Iteration

Who We Are

We are Starq, an agency based in Sweden & Bosnia that helps dreamers and thinkers build brands and platforms. We are specialized in modern UX & Web Development and love tinkering with new technologies, but of course we always choose what makes most sense for the project. Both aspiring startups as well as Fortune-500 companies have passed through our doors and come back on a consistent basis.

We love to create great software, but make sure that we stay humble. We acknowledge when we fail, admit it and grow from it. Likewise, we are honest, direct and acknowledge the hard truths without worrying if you will agree with everything we say.

We motivate and demonstrate a can-do attitude to show how good things are possible, for everyone. We acknowledge that things can get messy and then focus on the solutions together. At the same time, we keep it real. We know that making sophisticated, and at times complicated solutions take time to master. That's why we make sure not to over-promise.

Last but not least, we don't take ourselves too seriously and feel that humor makes life more enjoyable.

The Mission

is to become a force that pioneers the latest technological breakthroughs to simplify life and help invaluable thinkers build platforms that serve a purpose.

  • Honesty
  • Childlike curiosity
  • Obsession to details
  • Focusing on actions
  • Responsibility
  • Altruism
  • Staying humble
  • Love to learn
  • Encourage creativity

Don’t waste time reinventing

You can significantly benefit from utilizing modern tools to accelerate the development. We love open-source and below are some of the many technologies we work with.


is the most flexible library to build user interfaces.


is great as well, but a bit more opinonated.


is a popular middle sibling to the other two.


keeps the frontend crew in check as they grow.


saved JavaScript from a lonely life in the browser.


is a fast, unopinonated Node member

Ruby on Rails

gets you up to speed with development in Ruby.


made PHP prettier by copying from RoR


unlike other queries gives us exactly what we want.


makes it easier to create, deploy, and run stuff.


does a great job visualizing data.


helps users maintain their boring content.

Where We Are


Hamngatan 15, 263 39, Höganäs


United States:



+46 0760477717